Before We Say Goodbye, Here’s A House Tour

Hey MVP’s! Its welcome back to MokenchiTV. We’re interracial vloggers on YouTube bringing you health and happiness with online media.

Today, is a little bitter because we are moving out of the place we grew to call and know as our home since the beginning of 2019. Due to circumstances out of our control, we have to move out.

Technically, we’re just going back to where we left but with a couple of different arrangements. This is just a temporary stop on our journey and we are looking to move fairly quickly.

I miss the highspeed internet already!!! WAAAAAA!!!!!

For now, though, I’m determined to keep things rolling so me and Keebs are grinding things out at the YMCA. It reminds me of when she was born and I used to write at the library in Mooresville, NC while Ken worked at Goodwill.

Wow, has it really been 4 years already?? Comment and let me know if you’ve been watching our vlogs since then. I am dying to say ‘heeeey’ and ‘THANK YOU!’.

(If you’ve just found us, no worries. You’re more than welcome to join our family 😉 )

MokenchiTV: Interracial Family Vloggers on YouTube in North Carolina (NC)

Well enough rambling on. Here’s the vlog!!

[Click here to watch the vlog on YouTube]

A Little Life Update

I thought it might be appropriate to show you around our house before we left. From the time we moved in until now, it has been pretty hectic.

I got a part-time job working at a deli. Let me tell you, that work is no joke.

My body and back would hurt so bad that I couldn’t move to get out of the car after work. I’ll tell you what, I’ve never been a disrespectful person but I have found an even higher level of respect for anyone who works in the deli.

I never ran into any rude customers but I heard enough horror stories for my liking. I’m good, I believe it and would rather skip actually going through them.

Eventually, though, I had to quit. My body just couldn’t take it anymore. And on top of that, I was doing a lot of things for too many people behind the scenes.

I’m only one person and didn’t really need it. I decided to focus on my online business.

Gardening 2019

Another thing that I am loathing about leaving is our garden. It was just taking off when we had to tear it up thusly bringing everything to a crashing halt.

Well, all of my vines had to be detangled anyways, so it sort of gave me some drive to do that. It stormed for a couple days ago so it is just now starting to make a comeback.

Hoping it does in the next couple weeks so we can enjoy some nice fresh produce this year. but if

not, no big deal I guess. There’s always next year!

Schooling for Our Cute Biracial Baby Girl Keona

Ok, enough moping. On to something exciting!

Keona, our cute biracial baby girl, starts Pre-K in just a couple of weeks! Again, it’s so unbelievable how quickly 4 years flew by!

She’s so excited too. She is such a non-judgemental people person. I wish I could vlog every moment because she has such a beautiful impact on people both children and adults.

I’m excited to see how she continues to blossom and grow through her school years and beyond.

Anyways, back on task. She was accepted into the best school in the program.

At first, we were excited because we lived in the school’s school district. But with this move, we thought she may not have been able to go.

Thankfully, as long as we can drive her, she can continue to go to the school.

Our next step is to meet her teacher and fellow classmates. Wow, I’m taking my kid to school for the first time!!


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