Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World | Social Distancing Safe Travel During Coronavirus | Orlando Florida


Hey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve written anything on the blog. It’s been crazy busy with Covid in full swing. We had an amazing mowing season and I had a roller coaster of a ride trying to pass my real estate exam but I did it!! I’m OFFICIALLY a North Carolina Real Estate Agent partnered with Allen Tate Concord right there by the Concord Hospital. So if you’re in the area and need some real estate help, come see me!

After all of that, we definitely needed a vacation. The problem is cuz it is still in full spring. Well, I guess that means we just had to do a little bit of safe traveling and social distancing during the Coronavirus.

In this travel vlog, we’re going to Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World. I thought we’d be rained out but thank goodness it stopped just in time. God was definitely looking out for us that day!

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World | Social Distancing Safe Travel During Coronavirus | Orlando Florida

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I was actually pretty surprised that Walt Disney World was opened because I knew we would have to catch a train or boat in order to get there. That kind of goes against social distancing.

But of course, they had a fix for it! Each group got in their separate cabin on the monorail. Don’t make the same mistake we made the first time we went through, you don’t have to split off unless your group can’t fit into the cabin.

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Social Distancing Regulations

I thought this might be a good place to start talking about the rules and regulations Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World has in place for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.   I will be the first to admit that before I came I was skeptical that people would be sanitary and keep their distance.

I was pleasantly surprised however to find that against my deepest fears they have everything figured out to say the least. Some ways they keep things sanitized are:

  • Hand sanitizer stations every corner
  • Line space markers
  • Social distancing character pictures (Seen in action on our Epcot Social Distancing vlog
  • Temperature check screenings
  •  Face mask regulation requirements

Hand Sanitizer Stations At Magic Kingdom

As you know one of the main ways to prevent the spread or contraction of the virus is to sanitize and wash hands frequently. They make sure that you have access to plenty of hand sanitizer.

There are stations before and after every ride,  outside every bathroom, and pretty much anywhere else that you will have to touch something. That way everyone can sanitize their hands as often as possible to keep everyone safe. 

Line Space Markers | Walt Disney World

An amusement park wouldn’t be such without attractions. They can be a number of things from rides to food stands to shops and more! Every attraction had line markers. You can see what I’m talking about at position 2:21 on the vlog or check it out on the video below.

(Click here to see the line space markers on YouTube)

But basically, they are markers that go all the way across the aisle indicating in some way where you should stand.  No, I will say out of everything this was the least or most loosely followed for various reasons.

Sometimes people were in larger groups so it was difficult to keep all of the group on one line. Other times the person might have overstepped the line of something and the person behind them might build their line so it got really confusing where they should stand. But at the end of the day, they keep people spaced out enough.

Social Distancing Character Pictures

Though I was a bit disappointed that characters were not out that much when we visited, we did run into a couple. The ones we did see were actually not at Disney, they were at Epcot so you’ll have to check out that blog to see pictures or you can check them out on Instagram at Mokenchi TV.

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All in all we had a really fun time. Next up, we are going to Epcot! So see you on the next vlog or/and blog 🙂

By for now and have a wonderful, blessed and safe New Years!

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