What’re The Best Air Fryers (11 Awesome Choices!)


Air fryers are quickly becoming the world’s go-to tool for whipping up quick, delicious, healthy meals that taste and feel like fatty fried foods. In some cases, they don’t exactly mimic their unhealthy counterparts.

But in other instances, they fall short. Regardless of if they hit or miss on taste, the food is always cooked to perfection and I haven’t found a person who said they hated the outcome of their food.

So now you want to know what’re the best air fryers of 2020 so that you can get in on the action too? That’s awesome, keep reading to find out the latest and greatest info on these trendy appliances.

What’re The Best Air Fryers In 2020? An Overview

  1. BCP 5.5 QT Air Fryer
  2. Farbarware Multi-Function Air Fryer
  3. GoWISE USA 8-In-1 Air Fryer
  4. Super Deal Electric Air Fryer
  5. Cozyna XL Air Fryer
  6. Secura XL Air Fryer With Accessories
  7. Avalon Bay Air Fryer With Baking Set
  8. Power AirFryer XL Deluxe Air Fryer With Accessories
  9. Yedi Houseware Air Fryer 8-In-1 Air Fryer With Accessories
  10. Philips Advanced XL Digital Air Fryer
  11. NuWave Brio 6 QT Digital Air Fryer

How To Choose An Air Fryer?

One of the reasons I’m writing this guide is because not all air fryers are made equally. Some are very poorly made but look amazing.

They overheat easily and can do some serious damage to your countertop, electrical system or even start a small fire. Yikes!

That is why it’s so important that you take the extra time to completely read this guide so that you can be properly informed about what you need to look for in one of these units even if you move on from here.


The first thing you need to think about, and probably anyone’s initial thought, is the size of the air fryer you need. Even more specific than that, think about the amount of food you can cook in it.

The size of the body is no indication of the amount of food it can cook. Instead, it is determined by the capacity which is usually measured in quarts or/and liters.

If you are only cooking for yourself then you will need a much smaller capacity than a family with children. Here’s what I recommend:

  • 1 person/single person = less than 3 quarts
  • 2 people/couple/roommates/etc = 3 – 5 quarts
  • 3+ people/families with children = 5+ quarts

Personally, I always go for the largest capacity of any appliance, even in my single days but I’ve always been an overkill kind of person. My motto is that it’s better to have too much than too little and it hasn’t failed me yet, haha!

Safe Electricity and Features

Air fryers run by electricity. Since they are a cooking unit, there will be heat involved.

If you choose a unit that is not properly equipped to handle the ware of cooking, you may open yourself up to hazardous situations like:

  • electrical blowouts
  • fried wires
  • overheated unit
  • overheated countertops

To make sure you avoid these potentially dangerous situations, be sure that the air fryer you choose has been manufactured with safety mechanisms that shut it off before they happen. Features you need to look for are:

  • auto-shut off
  • circuit short detection

Of course, manufacturers could just be selling you a story, so to ensure that the unit actually has these features, be sure they have at least an ETL certification. Some others you might see are UL, CSA, and NRTL.


How well you can navigate around your air fryer is what seals the deal in getting your dinner on the table quickly and on time. If you can’t figure out which button does what, then you might be in a continuous loop of confusion for quite some time.

And that’s not a good situation for anyone’s hungry belly involved, including yours!

So make sure that the temperature gauges, presets and other buttons or dials are laid out in a fashion that you understand. You can easily do this by looking at pictures on the air fryer’s listing.

I know Amazon has a function where you can zoom in on a certain area of a product. Use that feature to really get a good understanding of the layout.

Additionally, you want to do the same for the basket. Have a look at how the release button works and where it is. Some have a button guard over it to be sure that you don’t accidentally knock it loose.

Every unit should also be easy to clean. Most cooking surfaces are non-stick which means that you can easily wipe it out with some warm water and dish soap on a dishcloth because your food will not crust over or stick in any way.

A tip here is to not put any parts of your air fryer in the dishwasher because even though many manufacturers claim they are dishwasher safe, it causes rusting and peeling.

Your air fryer should be easy to use from start to finish so that cooking a healthy meal for your family is a snap.


The final thing you need to consider before deciding on an air fryer is how much watts it uses. They tend to range between 1300 and 1800 watts.

The number of watts an air fryer uses will determine its power and how much electricity it uses up. I will leave it up to you to decide which option is best for you but here is how watts work.

Lower watts use up less electricity which means that you can save on your electricity bill. The downside is that cook times will be longer but in some cases, this makes a better, more evenly cooked product.

Higher watts mean that the unit will have a higher power and as a result, use more electricity. They cook much faster but some might not cook as evenly.

I wonder if you can guess which one I choose? lol. Just like I mentioned before, my motto is better to have too much so I always go for the higher watts.

I’m also not a penny pincher which you can’t be anyway when you’re a woman over 6 ft, lol! #talgirlproblems

Now that you know everything you need to know about choosing your air fryer, let’s get into which ones are the best units of 2020!

What’re The Best Air Fryers of 2020?

Best Choice Products (BCP) 5.5 Qt Air Fryer


If you are a beginner to using an air fryer or just like things to be straightforward and simple (raises hand, yes please!), this unit is for you! The buttons are all clearly marked and easy to understand while the LCD screen is big and easy to read.

It comes with 7 preset cooking temperature and time settings so all you have to do is choose whatever you are cooking and let it do the rest of the work for you. These presets are:

  1. fries
  2. vegetables
  3. cheese
  4. seafood
  5. meat
  6. baked goods
  7. warm-up

You will also love that you can choose from 3 colors. That way you can get a color that speaks to you if you’re not a fan of the standard black.

Its basket is huge which means that you can cook for your whole family or even prep cook with ease. And you can feel safe while operating this device since it is ETL and UL certified for safety and the materials it is made with are FDA certified.

The only possible downside about this unit is that it is not dishwasher safe but I feel like this isn’t a true flaw. From my research, I’ve found that people say do not dish wash the parts of almost every other type I researched and there were a lot.

I think by saying that the pieces like the basket, pans, etc. are not dishwasher safe upfront, BCP is being honest instead of being like the many others who claim theirs are but they really are not.

They are really easy to clean so this is not a deal breaker either. All you need to do is wipe everything with some warm, soapy water and a dishcloth.

The bottom line is that you are going to love using this unit just like the hundreds of people who have already expressed their joy with it. See what they are saying by clicking the button below.

Click here to learn more about the BCP 5.5 QT Air Fryer!

Farberware Multi-Function Air Fryer


This air fryer is for you if you are either looking for a temporary unit or will not be using it all the time. The reason I say this is because the markings wipe off easily from constant cleaning BUT it still cooks very well.

These markings show up as a preset guide of popular meat cooking times and temperatures as well as the increments of time and temperature on each knob.

So pretty much, once they’re gone you will have to guestimate or get a new one. It heats up to 400°F and times up to 30 minutes.

With a capacity of 3.3 quarts, you won’t be able to cook large amounts at once either. That is about the equivalent of a small Cornish hen.

But that might still work for you if you are doing a side dish or have smaller amounts of people to cook for like only yourself 😉

This unit is known to stick with some foods but there are a couple ways for you to remedy this with parchment paper rounds and poking a bunch of holes in it.

Overall, the Farberware Multi-Function Air Fryer is a great unit. Many people rave about how well it cooks snacks like kale and apple chips.

If you want to learn more about it and read what others have to say, click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the Farberware Multi-Function Air Fryer!

GoWISE USA 8-In-1 Air Fryer



You will fall instantly in love with this air fryer especially if you have a large family or cook in bulk like prep cooking for the week. Its basket is huge!

It is large enough to fit a 5 lb whole chicken in there. And by the way, this unit can also cook it properly too.

You will also love the large variety of colors this unit comes in like Teal, Blush, and Plum to name a few. That means that you can get one to match your kitchen color scheme, choose your favorite color or perhaps just try something different. Yes!

Unlike most models that use buttons, all of the functioning for this unit happens on a touchscreen so you won’t have to worry about markings rubbing off, losing cooking instructions or any of that. Plus its a very modern feature and who doesn’t like modern technology right?

This one makes it super easy for you to cook with 8 presets that take out the guesswork of cooking. You just press whatever it is you’re cooking and let this air fryer do its thing!

You will also love the 50 recipe cookbook that comes with this unit. It includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Yum!

It will also remind you to shake your food with built-in shake alarms. This is something that can be easily missed since food doesn’t take long to cook in the first place so having the alarm to remind you is very nice.

When you use this unit, you can rest assured that the surface you are cooking on is eco-friendly since it is FDA certified for using PFOA-free non-stick on its pan.

Lots of people praise the GoWISE 8-In-1 Air Fryer for cooking food perfectly and being easy to clean with no leftover oil smell. If you want to learn more about this unit and read some of the awesome things people have to say, click the button below!

Click here to learn more about the GoWISE 8-In-1 Air Fryer!

Super Deal Electric Air Fryer


When you use the Super Deal Electric Air Fryer you can feel safe knowing that you are using a device that is safe and built with your well-being in mind. It has several certifications for safety and using safe materials that are proof of the integrity behind this unit and company.

Some of these certifications include:

  • FDA
  • CSA
  • ETL
  • UL

And the list goes on believe it or not!

You will also enjoy that it works great too unlike some units that have these qualities but lose quality as well. Nope, this unit will cook your food to crispy perfection without sticking so you will be eating a delicious meal with easy cleanup.

This unit allows you to be versatile too. It has an accessory kit that you have to buy separately but it will allow you to grill, bake and more!

At 3.7 quarts, its capacity is a little small but that also depends on what your needs are. To put it into perspective, you will be able to cook about 8 wings or a small Cornish hen in the basket.

Many people end up loving this air fryer so much that they gift multiple to others as well. See what all the fuss is about and learn more about this unit by clicking the button below.

Click here to learn more about the Super Deal Electric Air Fryer!

Cozyna XL Air Fryer


The Cozyna XL Air Fryer is designed to give you versatility in your cooking. You may also end up finding yourself cooking exotic dishes that you would have never thought of trying otherwise.

Why? Because, for one, this unit comes with not one but two cookbooks full of unique and traditional recipes. Here’s a sample to get your taste buds watering:

  • Thai mushrooms
  • Molten chocolate lava cake
  • French fries
  • Chicken Meatballs
  • and more!

On top of that, the design of this air fryer make it good at cooking a wide range of foods like:

  • croquettes
  • clams
  • battered chicken and fish
  • calamari

The best thing is that whether your family is big or small there’s one of these units for you because it comes in two sizes. The smaller size is 3.7 quarts and the larger, family size is 5.8 quarts.

You will also enjoy the fact that this air fryer does not produce smoke when it cooks so your house will not be hot or smokey when you use this unit.

Join thousands of others who have already taken their cooking outside of the common cubicle with this unit. Click the button below to learn more and see the joy of colorful cooking.

Click here to learn more about the Cozyna XL Air Fryer!

Secura XL Air Fryer & Accessories


You can get excited about this air fryer because it comes in a variety of sizes but also the accessories that it comes with allows you to do more with your cooking!

For example:

  • the rack allows you to cook bacon to crispy perfection with no grease issues
  • the skewers enable you to make shishkabobs of your design
  • the cookbook gives you ideas of what to fix which takes out the guesswork especially on those busier days when you don’t have time to plan anything

I really like that the timer on this fryer is 60 minutes which is longer than most air fryers. That’s because a lot of time I like my food cooked longer than the average especially when it comes to steak, chicken and bacon.

Though it cooks very well, it seems to have a design flaw with the drawer because many people report that it doesn’t go back in properly once you take it out. This is up in the air because sometimes with things like this if you push it too hard or you’re in a rush, it’s easy to make errors lining things up.

If you want to learn more about this unit and see what others are saying too, click the button below for more info 🙂

Click here to learn more about the Secura XL Air Fryer!

Avalon Bay Air Fryer With Baking Set


If you love whipping up sweet treats than you are going to love this air fryer. I’m not going to lie, I am excited about this one myself JUST for the baking set!

It also comes with a rack and a 52-page cookbook that will give you all you need to put together some yummy desserts. I’m not sure how this works as being healthier or not since baked desserts are not fried in the first place.

But I can tell you that they’ll come out delicious and with much easier, faster clean up than using the oven.

If you are health/environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to use this as it is BPA and PFOA free. The baking pan, however, is regular nonstick

The basket is on the small side. You can fit about 2 leg quarters in it at one time but at the same time, it cooks hand battered foods very well.

You will also find that you can choose between if you want this unit digital or analog. Digital being the temp and time are displayed on a screen and Analog is the knobs.

There are plenty of people enjoying this air fryer who want to share in the joy with you. Click the button below to read what they are saying and learn more about this unit.

Click here to learn more about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer With Baking Set!

Power AirFryer XL Deluxe Air Fryer With Accessories

Cooking for a large family can be tough but with this Power AirFryer set, your job is made a lot easier. First of all the unit is preloaded with 7 preset cooking functions:

  • Roast
  • Air fry
  • Bake
  • Steam
  • Saute
  • Grill
  • Manual input

Then it is equipped with a large basket that is big enough to cook a large hen or turkey breast. That’s plenty for four hungry mouths or however many you have to feed! (unless its more than 4 of course, haha! 🙂 )

You can also feel safe when you cook food for your family with this model because it has no PTFEs nor PFOAs in its non-stick. The nonstick is a type of ceramic.

The downside to that is that food will stick but you can do a quick Google search and find out how to get around this problem.

For those days you are racing, you can just grab and go with the basket on this air fryer without worrying about getting burned by it because it has a cool touch, easy grip coating. It also has auto-shut off just incase you forget it altogether off doing something else.

For some reason, that happens to me ALL the time so I know.

Some people say the basket on this unit is pretty difficult though, saying it is difficult to go back in when you take it out. Others have said that you have to be very gentle putting it in then you will have no problems.

If you want to learn more about the Power AirFryer XL Deluxe Air Fryer, click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the Power AirFryer XL Deluxe Air Fryer,!

Yedi Houseware 8-In-1 Air Fryer With Accessories


The only word that can sum up the Yedi Houseware 8-In-1 Air Fryer is VALUE! You get a LOT with this package and the price is amazing which means you won’t have to settle for less!

It comes with 7 presets for popular meats and baking and a ton of accessories.

  • 50 perforated parchment papers
  • 8” cake pan
  • 8” pizza pan
  • Multipurpose rack
  • 3 stainless steel skewers
  • Metal holder
  • Rubber mat
  • Starter recipe book
  • Cook timetable

You can really get creative with all these tools. There is so much you can make like cakes, shishkabobs, etc. and the rubber mat separates the heat from the hot fryer and your counter so it doesn’t heat it up.

You will also feel more secure to know that this unit comes with a 1-year warranty for full refund or replacement. So if it breaks, within a couple of months, you can easily get it exchanged or refunded your money.

I love the size of the basket on this too. It is big enough for you to cook a whole chicken in.

It also has the most certifications for quality and safety that I’ve ever seen. 11 in total, but some highlights are:

  • FDA
  • ETL
  • ERP
  • LFGB
  • EMC

I know you will love the auto shut off feature on this unit too. It works by automatically pausing the cook cycle when you remove the basket and automatically resumes the cook cycle when it is replaced.

Talk about a game change and time saver!

I’m telling you. Don’t let this immense value slip away! To learn more about the Yedi Houseware 8-In-1 Air Fryer, click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the Yedi Houseware 8-In-1 Air Fryer!

Philips Advanced XL Digital Air Fryer


When you see a big name like Philips, you know you’re getting a product that is of quality standards.This air fryer works with their Turbo Star Technology that helps to cook your food 50% more evenly.

This unit is loaded with 4 cook presets and also includes an app that you can gain access to with 200 recipes! Now that will keep you busy for a while.

You will also enjoy the keep warm feature which keeps your food warm for instances where you won’t be able to get to it right away. Maybe you have other things cooking or someone’s running late from work. You know how it goes 🙂

As expected from one of America’s top companies, all cooking materials used in this unit are BPA and PFOA free. But I have to admit that I find it a little bit disappointing that they haven’t got any certifications to verify these.

You can get this unit as analog (knobs) and digital (LCD screen) and it cooks all foods to crispy perfection.

If you want to get on board with this leading company then click the button below to learn more about the Philips Advanced XL Air Fryer by clicking the button below.

Click here to learn more about the Philips Advanced XL Air Fryer!

NuWave Brio 6 QT Digital Air Fryer


There’s huge and then there’s HUGE! If you have lots of cooking to do with a limited time to do it, you will love this air fryer.

It is a whopping 6 quarts which is much bigger than most large air fryers. With space like that, you can cook a full bag of fries at once!

Another feature you may enjoy with this unit is the timer goes up to 100 hours! Of course, you’re not going to use all of that time but you will be able to customize cook times to where you like them.

It is definitely an air fryer that you can grow with as it also comes with 6 cooking presets for popular food items. So if you’re a beginner, you can start with these and as you learn different recipes and become more advanced, you can break off to a more manual style of cooking.

The only downside to this unit is that food sticks to the pan. This is easily remedied with parchment paper but make sure that you do your research first.

Lots of people love this air fryer. If you want to see what they are saying and learn more about this awesome air fryer, click the button below.

Click here to learn more about the NuWave Brio 6 QT Digital Air Fryer!

Using an air fryer is a really great way to cook familiar feeling foods that are more healthy for you and your family. This is sometimes even necessary as our bodies don’t just lose the want for fried foods simply because we make the decision to get healthy.

By giving it something familiar, you will significantly increase your chances for success by blocking those craving urges and the need to eat something crunchy.

Additionally, they are an awesome tool to use for baking and cooking so that you won’t be heating up your whole house. That’s especially nice in the summer months when its already hot outside, you don’t need to make it hot inside too if you don’t have to.

I hope this information has helped you find your new air fryer. Enjoy creating some new favorites and savoring old faithfuls if you’re a seasoned air fryer user.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave them in the comments box below. See you next time!

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  • What an awesome review! I do not had experience with those things but I definitely would like to have one. 

    I see that it is very economic and practical.  I have read that you recommend the (BCP) 5.5 Qt Air Fryer for beginners so I think that it will suit me the best. 

    Thanks for this instructive article.

    Daniel October 16, 2018 12:20 pm Reply
    • Hey Daniel! I’m glad that you learned a lot from this review. If you have any questions about using your new Air Fryer, please don’t hesitate to leave your questions under any of my posts on this site.

      Marlinda Davis October 17, 2018 1:57 am Reply
  • Hi Marlinda! 

    This is the second post I’m reading on your site, and it sounds like you may be hugely helping my cooking efficiency in the short term future: first, with the best countertop microwave ovens of 2018, and now, with an air fryer.

    I’ve never used an air fryer before, and I don’t understand the technology or how you’d get a similar taste as you would by cooking with oil. I still use the old school inefficient frying method where you take out the pots, add the oil, shake the meat in seasoning and flour, then fry them in the oil.  

    Which steps are eliminated by using an air fryer? Do you still season and add flour like you’re cooking in oil? Is the outcome more or less crunchy than cooking in oil? How does the flavor differ?

    I’m most interested in your the Go Wise 8-in1 Air Fryer because I have a family of 4, and at times, we have guests.  I have overspent on buying appliances that are too large for my family’s needs before, so what’s your take? 

    Do you think your number 1 pick would work for a family of 4, or is it best to get the one with the bigger basket just in case?

    Tiffany Domena October 16, 2018 12:25 pm Reply
    • Hey Tiffany!

      That’s awesome! That is my goal, to show parents especially how to cook quick healthy meals and air fryers are a great way to do just that.

      I’m always one to buy as big as possible and I would suggest that with air fryers especially because you can cook your entire meals in these. In other words, you can put your meat, veggies and even starch in the basket to cook at the same time.

      That way you’re getting one good meal by just using one basket instead of all these pots and pans. Don’t worry, I used to do the old method of frying too but then I got a Fry Daddy and now I use an air fryer…but I will still do the old school method even with all these appliances, haha!

      Yes, your food will come out crispy and you can use light batters with this that will also come out crispy.

      You can think of these more like a miniature oven than an actual fryer. The heat circulates through the pan like a cyclone so it is distributed more evenly. (It is hot air circulating in the pan hence ‘air’ fryer)

      As for my recommendation for the best air fryer for you to start with, yes, the Go Wise Air Fryer will be good for your family. The NuWave does have better features BUT as a beginner the Go Wise would be good because it has more presets for different foods.

      That will help you get adjusted to using it better since you won’t have to struggle trying to figure out what to do for the common foods that you will be using it for. You’ll also be able to get a feel for how it works and what settings to use to get your food to come out the way you like it.

      Then once you get the hang of it you can upgrade to the NuWave if you want to or stick with the Go Wise Air Fryer. That’s how I do it for any appliances that I get.

      Like my first mixer was a cheap hand mixer and then I got a mid-grade stand mixer and then I got a Kitchen Aid. I don’t throw things away so I have a bunch of mixers now but I like it like that too because I can have different things mixing at the same time which is especially useful for cakes and decorating them (which I used to do).

      Hope this helps 🙂


      Marlinda Davis October 17, 2018 5:58 pm Reply
  • That’s quite a number of air fryers brands in the market and I only knew about Philips. It’s a kitchen ware that I’ve been thinking of getting for some time due to the awareness of healthy eating. 

    I am glad to see that there are different sizes to choose from as well because there are 8 people to feed in my family. The NuWave is something I would check out.  

    Cathy October 16, 2018 12:35 pm Reply
    • Hey Cathy!

      Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing that with us.

      Yeah, the Philips Air Fryers are popular but definitely NOT the best air fryers of 2018 or any year for that matter.

      The NuWave will definitely be the best option for your family as it has a huge basket and lots of cooking options for quick, seamless cooking even when your mind is boggled and not thinking right from being tired or sick.

      Let me know how you enjoy it 🙂

      Marlinda (aka ‘Mokey’)


      Marlinda Davis October 21, 2018 9:32 pm Reply
  • I’ve heard so much about air fryers and how it’s better than actual frying foods. And I have thought about possibly buying one to see if my family and I like it. 

    However, I didn’t know what to look out for but thanks to your thorough post I now know what to look for in an air fryer and I’ve actually picked one from your list. 

    So thank you. 

    Victor October 16, 2018 1:07 pm Reply
    • Hey Victor!

      I’m so glad that you found value in this post and that you have now found an air fryer that works for you!

      Please let me know how you enjoy it by coming back and updating your comment.

      Take care,



      Marlinda Davis October 23, 2018 1:26 am Reply
  • I’ve had a dilemma for a couple of days deciding between two good air fryers, and I see you have listed both here.

    The first one is the Super Deal Electric. All the reviews point out to the certifications and as a conclusion, they state that with this air fryer you eat delicious meals with easy cleanup.

    And the other one is Farberware Multi-Function. I like all about this one except for its capacity of 3.3 quarts.

    I think I’ll decide on the former.

    Abel April 4, 2020 3:30 am Reply
    • Hey Abel!

      Those are definitely two good choices. My deciding factor is usually which one can hold the most as I always cook too much, lol.

      That being said, of these two, I would recommend the Super Deal Electric because the developers of the product obviously have gone above and beyond to produce a quality air fryer. And like I said, its the bigger option, haha!

      I hope this helps. Let me know which one you decide to choose and how it works out for ya 🙂



      Marlinda Davis April 6, 2020 10:36 pm Reply
  • Going the long route with larger capacity will definitely pay off wonders in time and something I would use and use often would be an air fryer, but lack of room in my small kitchen is a concern. My countertop is already at capacity with a Foreman grill and microwave that’s a little too sizey for it. 

    But, I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding air fryers, so I’d definitely be in the market for one and now is a great time to do so with the summer coming up because I could make some lower-calorie food taste great with one of these. I’d probably go for a smaller capacity air fryer – or mid-sized capacity unit – which may work for the next few years. 

    Todd Matthews April 4, 2020 3:59 am Reply
    • Hey Todd!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and situation with us. I know the struggle of having a small counter as I am currently in the same situation (as of the time of this writing).

      But the great thing about small appliances is that they can be easily stored in cabinets and other storage locations. These are also great because there’s literally NO assembly.

      You make a good point about having tasty, light yet easy to prepare food for the summer. I want to spend a lot of time outside so we won’t have much time to cook either. These really are great for that!

      I hope you enjoy yours. Please come back and share your experience with us if you get an air fryer. Would love to hear from you!

      Take care,


      Marlinda Davis April 22, 2020 2:22 am Reply
  • Hi, thank you so much for sharing this view. 

    I have never used or heard of an air fryer before but reading your article has made me want to get one and try it out to see if I will love it. I will have to get the air fryer for beginners, I think it will suit me best since it is my first time using it. 

    Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

    PrettySophia April 4, 2020 4:04 am Reply
  • I have never used an air fryer but these models intrigue me. I am a tech geek so a digital readout is essential to me. 

    I also like certifications. I really like the Super Deal Electric Air Fryer. I like the quality, the looks, and its capabilities. The price hits my sweet spot too. 

    You have written a nice article and you connived me to buy an air fryer. Thanks for sharing such an enlightening article.

    Courtney April 4, 2020 6:15 am Reply
    • Hey Courtney!

      Glad you found value in this info. Let us know how you like that air fryer! 🙂

      Take care,


      Marlinda Davis April 12, 2020 3:24 am Reply
  • Hi and thank you very much for giving the recommendation of the best air fryers! During this quarantine period, I really like to experiment in creating fried food for myself. 

    Based on your recommendation, I’m actually tempted to try either BCP or Farberware, since it may be just a temporary use. Between them, which one is cheaper? Thanks

    Alblue April 4, 2020 10:28 am Reply
    • Hey there!

      Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad you found lots of value from this info. 

      Those choices sound great. Please let us know you like them if you do get one.

      Take care and stay safe during social distancing, 🙂


      Marlinda Davis April 4, 2020 4:04 pm Reply
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